British Cycling and Sky have launched a new social network – Social Cycling Groups - designed to help people connect with other cyclists in their communities.

Social Cycling Groups, which can be accessed for free via the website, gives people who might otherwise be cycling alone the chance to buddy up with other cyclists and join unlimited groups and rides in their area. With dates, distances, durations and maps, people can choose the group and ride that is best for them.

People can also visit, the home of recreational cycling activities, to create their own Social Cycling Groups and rides of their own, adding their own routes or using British Cycling’s recommended tried and tested routes. 

British Cycling’s Director of Recreation and Partnerships, Stewart Kellett, said:

“Making cycling more sociable is a great step in helping ensure we fulfil our commitment to inspire all people across Britain to give cycling a try in this special Olympic year.

“People who participate in our Sky Rides across the country tell us that they enjoy the experience of cycling with others and would love to do it more regularly. That’s exactly why we’ve launched Social Cycling Groups – giving people the chance to get together and cycle for fun, at a place and time that suits them, and to hopefully form some great new friendships along the way.”

New figures released by British Cycling show that almost half of its near 50,000-strong members are not involved in club cycling. However, despite not wanting to ride competitively, many cyclists feel they would like to have someone else to ride with. 70% of the people inspired by Sky Ride to ride more frequently would like to do more rides with other cyclists. British Cycling and Sky have therefore joined forces to help give every cyclist the experience of riding with others and forming new friendships.

Using Social Cycling Groups via, you can:

•           Join unlimited Social Cycling Groups and rides

•           Find and 'Buddy up' with like-minded cyclists in your area

•           Create groups and rides of your own

•           Plan new and exciting routes

•           Use tried and tested British Cycling routes

For more information on Social Cycling Groups, click here (

Find a buddy, find a ride, find a route. It’s easy and it’s free



Just three months ago British Cycling launched Social Cycling Groups, a social network designed to help people connect with other local cyclists. Now, after the best ever summer for cycling, over 10,000 people have got involved.

The social network, developed with the support of principal partner Sky, allows anyone to set up a group and rides using their own routes or British Cycling approved routes.

Double gold medal winner Jason Kenny said:

“It’s great news that in just a few months over 10,000 people have been inspired to get involved in Social Cycling Groups. It’s social networking for cycling - it makes it easy to find a buddy, find a ride and find a route. Wherever you live and whether you ride on the road or the trails, you can set up your own group or ride. So if you’ve been inspired by cycling in 2012, join our fast growing network and have some fun.”

British Cycling’s Social Cycling Officer, Emma Bates, said:

“We’re thrilled that Jason is supporting our social network. You can give your group a name to inspire your friends, or you can just search for a group near you and buddy up - it’s that simple. Groups and rides have been set up across the country by all kinds of riders, from individual weekend keep-fitters to groups training together for charity rides and sportives. Bike commuters are helping each other, our friends at the British Heart Foundation are getting involved, as well as local community and workplace based groups – all riding and chatting together.”

Jason Kenny added: “Congratulations to the all the 10,000 riders who’ve got involved in Social Cycling Groups – here’s to the next 10,000.”

Find out more and get involved in Social Cycling Groups.