As mentioned before, my current bikes are a Raleigh Ascender, which has been converted to a "1930s" style tourer, for casual local riding, along with an Italian Mountain bike, which is currently left hand 'drive'.

Top: Raleigh Ascender and below: Italian Mountain Bike which is about to be converted to a propper mountain bike, with straight bars and the brakes in the right order!!!!

To compliment the Italian MB, I have bought a Cross Cycles Gravel Bike (pictures to follow)

I've also acquired a Eddie Merckx 1980s racer frame, which I hope to able to build with period parts.

Additionally, a SARACEN full suspension MTB is in the workshop awaiting work on the gears. The frame is in very good condition, as are the wheels

AND A MONGOOSE ROCKADILE MOUNTAIN BIKE FRAME & SUNTOUR SUSPENSION FORKS has also joined the workshop...  See below...  I may use the brakes and gears/etc off my Italian bike for this

My Apollo Equipe 12 is still also currently in the workshop (a year later!), but I'll be getting it out very shortly and seeing what needs doing to it, as it's been untouched for that period. I'm awaiting a pair of wheels that I've just won on Ebay, an is somewhere in the postal system... It will be nice to get on it again, even if it's only for 100 yards or so!!!

I've also been looking at building a couple of bikes, similar to those pictured below:


and a trike...