Tony Pritchard spent many years of his youth, cycling around North/Mid Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire and envisaged himself entering the Tour de France and such illustrious events, along with his friends, but we later discovered guitars, bands and, of course, girls. So, this "cycling dream" however, was not to be and the nearest he got was driving up some of the cols in a 4x4 many years later!
He owned many bikes and built a few hybrids over the years, one being a Sun Vitesse with Campagnolo equipment, a Raleigh 'Banana', an Olmo, a hand made 10 speed 531 frame 'Ian May' and a couple of other hand mades. His current machinery being a Italian mountain bike and a Raleigh Aspire which has been converted to a 1930s style tourer (See below).
As a road bike, he currently uses an Apollo Equipe with 12 speed Shimano which came free via freecycle, which is a lot better than he thought! - although he is looking at building a recumbent or two!  ...and considering an Italian rebuild, as he used to have an Olmo and he prefers the traditional steel framed style of 'racer'...

Above: My Italian Bike. Maker unknown?

Above: My Raleigh Aspire, converted to a 1930s style tourer (ish!!!!).